Minion Mini Movies: A Complete List (2010-2016)

What can be cuter than minions? Nothing! Almost everyone loves them but there are some haters who are annoyed with minions’ charms. Anyways we don’t want any negativity, so here we are, once again, talking about the most adorable animated characters, MINIONS and the minion mini movies.

We have already covered their names, characters, language, their love for bananas and many more. And today we will be talking about all the mini movies of minions. Yes, mini movies. Did you all know that there are handful of minion mini movies besides 3 biggest hits; Despicable Me (2010), Despicable Me 2 (2013) and Minions (2015)????

So far, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have presented Minions in 10 mini movies besides the 3 big pictures. Yes, 10. T-E-N ten. These mini movies are the result of overwhelming fandom and love for minions. These mini movies are equally hilarious and interesting as big movies. Directors Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda, and Samuel Tourneux have directed these mini movies featuring minions.

Here is the quick list of these mini movies in chronological order:

Mini Movie NamesRelease DateDirectorsRuntime
Home MakeoverDecember 14, 2010Kyle Balda
Samuel Tourneux
5 mins
Orientation DayDecember 14, 2010Kyle Balda
Samuel Tourneux
4 mins
BananaDecember 14, 2010Kyle Balda
Samuel Tourneux
4 mins
Panic in the MailroomDecember 10, 2013Fabrice Joubert
Mark O’hare
4 mins
Training WheelsDecember 10, 2013Eric Favela
Régis Schuller
4 mins
PuppyDecember 10, 2013Yarrow Cheney
Bruno Dequier
4.5 mins
Binky Nelson UnpacifiedDecember 8, 2015Fabrice Joubert
Brian Lynch
5 mins
Cro MinionDecember 8, 2015Régis Schuller
Didier Ah-Koon
5 mins
CompetitionDecember 8, 2015Kyle Balda
Julien Soret
4 mins
Mower MinionsJuly 8, 2016Bruno Chauffard
Glenn McCoy
4 mins

Universal Pictures has already confirmed the release of Despicable Me 3 in June 30, 2017.


While waiting for Despicable Me 3, let us travel back into the past and rewind the mini movies of minions. Let us make sure that you haven’t miss a single minion movie.

Home Makeover

After the release of the Despicable Me in 2010, three minion mini movies were also released based on Despicable MeHome Makeover is the first mini movie in the series that was released on December 14, 2010.

The movie is about the adoption of 3 daughters of Gru and inspection from Ms. Hattie to check if Gru’s house is suitable for children or not. Besides minions, we can see daughters of Gru; Margo, Edith and Agnes renovating the house for Ms. Hattie’s inspection.


The social worker is coming to Gru’s house to check the suitability of the house for children. Since Gru is not home, his daughters of Gru; Margo, Edith and Agnes, adopted from Ms. Hattie’s Home for girls, team up with the minions to renovate Gru’s house into more child-friendly house before the unexpected visit from a social worker to check suitability of Gru’s House for children. They don’t want to go back to the orphanage.

We all know what does Gru’s house look like, villainous and dark and scary. Definitely not suitable for the kids. But the girls came up with the idea to renovate the house with amusing plan. And of course minions are there to give them hands in doing so which makes the whole process more fun. They put tennis balls over the spikes in the coffin, a clown nose on the dining room skull, paint the walls pink and purple, use shrink-ray gun to shrink the deadly weapons and many other things.

The social worker arrives but Gru is still not there. Margo and minions costume up to be Gru and show the social worker around. Finally he was leaving and Gru arrives. Seeing 2 Grus, the social worker faints. Gru doesn’t seem so happy with the result of renovation but he’s happy when he sees that the social worker’s report, ‘suitable for children’.

In the social worker’s report, there’s a note saying, ‘The adoptive parent is a little strange-looking. He has a big yellow head and short legs. Poor guy.’

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Orientation Day

Orientation day is the second short film in the Despicable Me series presented by Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. It was released with two other minion mini movies, Home Makeover and Banana in the DVD Minion Madness and the Blu-ray release of Despicable Me on December 14, 2010.

This mini movie is about the orientation day of the three minions (new recruits) in Gru’s laboratory and their job responsibilities.


Three new minions enter the theatre where they are shown a video as an orientation to their job in Gru laboratories. So they are shown the scientific discoveries, adventures and evil in the laboratories. The duties for some will be research and experiment while some are on call for terrible crimes. Only lucky ones will be the bomb transporters and these three are assigned as bomb transporters as their ID card says. The protocol and instructions for bomb transporters are mentioned in the videos and these newbies are already too excited for their new job.

In this movie, it is mentioned that minions are more than just co-workers; they are family as they are all engineered with a single strand of mutated DNA. The interaction between these new ones is really funny and the orientation video itself is funny.

As soon as the orientation video ends they march up to take their first job as bomb transporters. Each one of them gets a bomb to transport. When they are on their way, the other two minions come from the opposite direction carrying a huge bomb. None of them on the both sides are willing to give away. While they are discussing all of their bombs fall one by one and explode, almost destroying the lab.

Dave can be identified in this movie, as he shows his ID card. Also you can see how Mark came to have his hair like that. Minions carrying huge bomb are Bob and Kevin.

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The minions’ love for bananas is well-known fact. Banana is the last short film in the series of Despicable Me series after the minion mini movies,  Home Makeover and Orientation DayIllumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures presented this movie featuring the minions, which was released on December 14, 2010.

This movie is about the fight between minions over a banana and the havoc created in the workplace running and fighting over a banana. This mini movie, Banana is all about minions’ craze for bananas.


Two minions are working at their respective desks. One of them has banana. When he was about to eat, the other one comes and asks to share the banana. When the request was denied they start fighting. In the meantime, a tall minion comes in and tells them to stop fighting. Then he sees the banana and start fighting with them.

They keep fighting and enter the rocket factory. They escape the explosion and exit a factory, of course with a banana and still fighting.

When they get into canteen, still fighting, and more minions chase and join them in the fight. They end up in a place, what seem to be a workplace, with more minions. They all fight for banana but alas, banana gets squished and falls into a hole.

A minion comes with Bapple (Apple in Minionese) and draws attention of all those sad minions. The movie ends with all the minions chasing the one with Bapple.

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Panic in the Mailroom

Panic in the Mailroom was released with other two minion mini movies; Training Wheels and Puppy, attached with DVD/home release of Despicable Me 2 on December 10, 2013.

This movie is based on PX-41 (serum that El Macho and Dr. Nefario used to transform minions into evil ones) and its effect.


Two minions (Ken and Mike) are working in the mailroom, sending packages to designated parts of the lab. Mike is hardworking but Ken is a slacker and loves to spend his time playing video games rather than working. A box of expired PX-41 serum arrives and Mike marked it with designated mark but Ken, bored at work, decides to take a shot to throw the package in the designated chute.

Ken gets back to playing his video game and is not aware that the PX-41 package getting jammed in the chute. Mike notices the situation and comes to the chute and fixes the problem. The box explodes inside the tube and some serum gets splattered on Mike’s face. Ken laughs at Mike and all of sudden Mike gets transformed into an evil minion. Since the serum was marked expired, its effect is unstable. Mike mutates back and forth between his normal and evil form.

While turned into evil, he eats all the packages and everything around him. Then the box of kittens arrives, Ken runs and saves them. Mike sneezes the serum out of his system but splutters some on those kittens. Movie ends with the increasing shadows of the kittens and terrified Mike and Ken.

The calendar behind Mike marks December and that is when this movie was released. This is the only mini movie with evil minion and no one-eyed minions.

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Training Wheels

Training Wheels was released with other two minion mini movies; Panic in the Mailroom and Puppy, attached with DVD/home release of Despicable Me 2 on December 10, 2013.

This movie is about Agnes training for her new bike. Minions made that bike for her after her toy bike breaks down and she couldn’t get the ice cream. Minions train her to improve her skills for her new ride.


The movie opens with the ice cream truck in the Gru’s neighborhood. His daughters; Margo, Edith and Agnes spot the truck and go after it on their bikes along with other kids. But Agnes couldn’t pedal hers and falls down. She gets sad and starts to cry.

Minions saw her crying, so they come and console her. They try to mend her bike but later they decide to build her a completely new bike. They also start to train Agnes to improve her skills to ride a bike. The next time the ice cream truck arrives, Agnes is ready with her new bike along with Margo, Edith and other kids. They go after the truck.

Just when they catch up with the truck and almost get their ice cream, jewel thief appears and steals the ice cream truck. Agnes doesn’t give up her ice cream so easily. She goes after the thief on her bike shouting for her ice cream. She accidentallyeat causes an accident and thief gets caught. Her bike got destroyed but she was declared a hero.

The stolen jewels are still missing. Later the minions are shown wearing all those jewels. Agnes gets another new bike that can transform into robot outfit.

The newspaper is named Daily Gru. Date shown is July 7, 2013, which was the date Despicable Me 2 was released. Those kittens that come in package in Panic in the Mailroom are announced missing in the paper.

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Puppy was released with other two minion mini movies; Panic in the Mailroom and Training Wheels, attached with DVD/home release of Despicable Me 2 on December 10, 2013.

This mini movie is about a minion wanting a pet dog. He meets lost UFO and makes his puppy. But UFO has to leave at the end.


It’s a wonderful day in Gru’s neighborhood. A minion, Dave is cleaning windows then he sees many people walking their dogs. Hence, Dave also wants a puppy. He tries to leash Kyle (Gru’s dog), a squirrel, a pigeon and a ladybug. He fails every time and unfortunately UFO abducts ladybug. Dave gets smitten by UFO and makes UFO his puppy luring him with his cheese balls.

He walks his puppy, trains him and both of them become closer to each other. UFO enlarges the last cheese balls, creates the party lights, and enlarges the bananas too. All minions are happy with the UFO.

Once Gru, girls and all minions are watching movie, UFO destroys the TV as well as the wall. Gru then kicks Dave and his puppy out. They lie on the roof of puppy’s house and watch the stars. UFO makes butt and they both laugh; UFO makes home and suggesting he misses his home.

Since UFO is sad, Dave contacts the UFO’s home in the universe. Finally UFOs arrive at Gru’s backyard and Dave sends his puppy UFO back to his home. Both are sad during departure. But UFO comes back and gives Dave a gift, a ladybug that it had abducted earlier, enlarged to UFO’s size. A new puppy for Dave.

UFO’s home is Sirius (galactic coordinates -5.745, -6.275, -1.262), Dog Star. This movie has lots of similarities with 1982 Universal’s hit movie, E.T The extra-Terrestrial.

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Binky Nelson Unpacified

Binky Nelson Unpacified is a mini movie attached with the Blu-ray release of Minions on December 8, 2015 with other two minion mini movies, Cro Minion and Competition.

The movie revolves around the Nelson family’s youngest son, Binky Nelson and his adventure of finding his lost pacifier.


The Nelson family, who gave Kevin, Stuart and Bob a ride to villain con in Minions, is also a crime loving, villainous family. The movie opens with the family returning from the museum heist in the outskirts of New York. Madge, mother of the family suddenly notices that baby Binky’s pacifier is not there and asks to her husband.

Walter, father of the family says it might have been lost in the museum and advises that its no more necessary saying Binky is a big guy now. But Binky is so sad without his pacifier.

He cannot sleep without his pacifier so he sets out to museum in the night. He reaches the museum and however gets himself inside the museum. The moment he spots his pacifier, the museum guard arrives and stops him. But with his tricks, Binky gets away from the guard.

Later at night, Walter and Madge go to check up on the baby. They find baby binky sleeping peacefully. As soon as they leave, Binky opens his eyes, puts his pacifier and the guard’s hat.

So far, it is the only mini movie, which does not feature a single minion.

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Cro Minion

Cro Minion is a mini movie attached with the Blu-ray release of Minions along with other two minion mini movies, Binky Nelson Unpacified and Competition on December 8, 2015.

The movie revolves round the minions serving their Neanderthal master and babysitting his baby.


The movie opens with the caveman, playing with his baby. The baby starts to cry suggesting he’s hungry so they go to look for food. There are few banana trees, banana peels all over the place and two minions (dressed as caveman) sitting under the tree. Before the caveman could say anything, one of the minions (most probably Stuart) eats the last banana. When the caveman roars, baby shows him the bull far away.

The caveman goes to hunt the bull and leaves the baby with the minions to look after. But the baby is so troublesome making the babysitting worst job ever for the minions. Baby climbs up the cliff, falls down but gets taken away by a flying pterosaur to its nest. By the time minions get there, the baby is hitting the pterosaur’s eggs with his toy.

Minions and the baby escape from the nest in a skeleton. But when the skeleton breaks into pieces, baby is again taken away by the pterosaur. Minions fight with the pterosaur and it collides with the cliff, leaving them unharmed on the ground. The caveman arrives just in time with a dead bull and the minions clean up the baby; acting everything is fine.

The caveman orders minions to cook the bull and takes the baby. When the bull was cooked, minions start to fight for the bull. The baby eats up the whole bull while they were fighting. The caveman comes and sees only the bone; baby points to the minions. He runs after the minions furiously and baby gives an evil laugh, just before he was taken away by the pterosaur again.

The minions in the movie are probably Stuart and Kevin.

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Competition is attached with the Blu-ray release of Minions along with other minion mini movies, Binky Nelson Unpacified and Crominion on December 8, 2015.

The movie is about the two minions who work in the secret bomb laboratory challenging each other and competing with each other in their workstation.


The movie opens at the location identified as Underground Secret Bomb Laboratory. Two minions (one-eyed and two-eyed) are working in their stations. One of them throws a waste paper ball into a waste bin and hoots. The other minion gets himself a paper ball and throws into a bin from a farther distance than earlier one. The first one throws again even farther distance and teases the other.

One of them has boxing gloves and the other switches their workstation into boxing ring. They begin to fight in the ring with their boxing gloves and then with their bare hands. Finally, one of them knocks the other out of the ring.

Then they compete with the thrusters on their chairs and start rushing, disturbing other minions on their way.

There is some pushing here and there and they begin to fall. They are competing while they are falling, accelerating their fall with bombs. Soon they realize that they are hitting the ground. There’s a share outside the lab and smoke comes out of the chimney. Movie ends with the blackened minions giving mischievous smile with a piece of paper and the waste bin.

The minions in the movie can be Stuart and Tom. This lab is different from Gru’s house lab.

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Mower Minions

Mower Minions is the latest among the minion mini movies directed by Bruno Chauffard and Glen Mccoy released on July 8, 2016 with Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets.

The movie is about minion doing mowing and other gardening jobs in order to earn the money to buy the blender.


The movie opens with the commercial for blender in the television and minions are watching. The commercial shows the Barb’s blender blending bananas and the guy who has that saying yum. The price of blender is $19.95 and minions want to buy one for them.

They bring their piggy bank and break it but they only have 25 cents in their piggy bank. One of them sees Larry’s Gardening Service truck and guy getting paid for the job. They decide to take the job and steal the gardening tools from Larry’s.

They go to Fuzzy Memories, a retirement home with the tools and ask the elders there if they need their services. They don’t really understand each other but the old lady says the minions can go ahead. The minion’s gardening job becomes frenzied; they burn themselves, step on dog poop, and inhale from the poop bag, staring competition with gnome and many more idiotic and funny acts.

When they are done, the elderly people are so amused they give them a jar of pennies, 2000 shiny pennies. When they’re leaving the old lady shouts that the minions can come back anytime they want.

When they are lying around, too stuffed with the blended banana that they can hardly move, they see another commercial, a new and improved blender that blends the bananas itself, costing $142.95. The minions now want that blender so they leave again. The movie ends with a minion putting back the broken gnome just to see it break one more time.

This is the only minion mini movie, which was released theatrically. The cat in the movie is the same one from Despicable Me 2.

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Additional Information

  • The first 3 minion mini movies were released in a DVD named Minion Madness along with the Blu-ray release of Despicable me on December 14, 2010.
  • Do not get confused with Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem as one of the mini movies. It is the simulator ride opened at Universal Studios, Florida on July 2, 2012.
  • You can buy these mini movies here.