21 Cool DIY Minion Party Ideas

We just can’t get enough of these henchmen, can we? Let alone kids, even adults find minions amazing. So, why not make your parties memorable and your kids & guests happy with mind-blowing minion-inspired ideas? If you are already trying to plan such parties, don’t worry; we have made a collection of awesome DIY Minion Party Ideas.

These party ideas are not just affordable, but also fun, creative and you can involve your kids while prep’ing the crafts.

  1. Minion Birthday Party

Want to make your little ones more than happy? Try this Minion themed Birthday Party.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

2. Minions Paper Cups

These Minions Paper Cups will make the drinks more exciting.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

3. Minion Pinata 

Celebrate the treats in this Minion Pinata.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

4. Minion Party Bags

Aren’t these minion party bags adorable?

DIY Minion Party Ideas

5. Minion Party Decor

Minion themed decoration will take your party to the next level.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

6. Minion Party Games

Parties are more fun when there are games included. The fun is doubled when the games are minion-ized.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

7. Minion Party Invitation

Give a hint about how your party is going to be, invite your guests with these Minion Invitation Cards.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

8. Minion Balloons

Balloons are always add-up to any kind of parties. These simple minion balloons will light up your party venue.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

9. Minion Color Scheme

If you want your party to be a minion party then don’t forget the minion color scheme of yellow and blue.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

10. Minions for Adults

Kids are not the only who adores minions and this set is for adults in the minion party.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

11. Minion Party Bar

Set your party bar right.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

12. Minion Glass & Tray

Give the goggly eyes to the glasses and trays; add some minions to your party.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

13. Minion Water Bottle Labels

These water bottles will surely attract the little ones in the party.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

14. Minion Napkin Set

Just look at these Napkin Sets.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

15. Minion Cup Cover

These Minion Cup Covers are perfect for the outdoor parties, keeping all kinds of insects out of your drinks.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

16. Minion Treat Bags

Make these Treat Bags for the little ones to collect their party favors.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

17. Minion Bubbles Party Favor

Kids love blowing the bubbles. If you want to see them on cloud nine, include these bubbles party favor.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

18. Minion Costume

A little bit of effort for this minion costume and your birthday boy/girl will feel ever more special.

DIY MInion Party Ideas

19. Minion Craft Station

A craft station will keep kids busy in the party and still they will be having fun.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

20. Minion Finger Puppets

Include these Finger Puppets as an party activity or send them in the goody bags.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

21. Minion Party Goodies

These Minion Party Goodies are perfect for any minion themed parties.

DIY Minion Party Ideas

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