125 astonishing WOW facts about minions that you SHOULD know

MINIONS. It wouldn’t be wrong to say ‘Minions are the most adored animated characters ever created’. They are everywhere despite the fact that it has been only 5 years since they were first seen.

There is no doubt that Despicable Me movies wouldn’t have been successful without these playful little, yellow, pill-shaped, banana-loving henchmen. Boy, they are cute!

If you don’t know minions and you are seeing one for the first time, you can increase your I.Q. about them reading the incredible facts about minions which are mentioned below. Even if you are obsessed with minions and think that you know everything about them, you will still be amazed.

1. Minions are either one-eyed or two-eyed and all of them wear metallic goggles accommodating the number of eyes.


2. All minions wear goggles without any specific reasons. And they have been wearing them since their existence in prehistoric era.


3. Minions without goggles look horrible. Trust me.

4. All of them wear blue overalls with Gru’s emblem on the front, black gloves on both hands and black shoes.


5. Minions have only 3 fingers in each hand.


6. Minions are almost similar to each other in shape and size except for few characteristics (physical and behavioral).


7. They have limited hairstyles; tall & short buzz cut, combed center parted, sprout cut, spread out spiky and bald.

minion hairstyles

8. All tall minions have sprout cut hair.

tall minion

9. These simple-minded homunculi are smart & technically advanced as they can build and operate various weapons, use computers and even drive.


10. The language of minions is known as Minionese. It sounds gibberish but actually it’s a combination of random ridiculous terms, phrases and noises from languages all over the world.

11. Minionese is more than words, like any other languages, it has tone of voice, body language & expressions. Minionese is more pragmatic than semantic.

minion whaat

12. Minionese sounds silly but you can actually identify words from languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Filipino, Indonesian and many more.


13. Directors, Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud voice all minions. Coffin engineered the Minionese while doing the bigger share of the Minion recordings.

Pierre Coffin with Minion character
Image Source

14. The various songs in the movies are the minion versions of well-known songs.


15. Though minions were first introduced to us in 2010, they have been living on this earth since forever. They are an ancient and pre-historic race.


16. Over the centuries, they lived through various eras and civilizations; having served masters from around the world (T.Rex, Caveman, Dracula, Napolean). They are the reason of death of all their masters.


17. Minions have only one purpose in their life, find and serve the greatest villain of all time.

minions boss gru

18. All minions are males but sometimes we can see some of them dressed in female costumes.

minion female costume

19. Minions have Standard English names; Kevin, Stuart, Dave, Carl, Bob, Donny, Tom, Phil, Steve, Chris, John and many more.

minions boysclub

20. Some minions might be homosexuals as some of them are spotted kissing each other in romantic posture.

minion kiss

21. They go crazy for bananas and bapples (apples).

stuart banana

22. They also love Gelato (icecream) and they actually invented icecream as you can see them in Minions.

minions gelato

23. Minions love playing, especially with Gru’s daughters; Edith, Margo and Agnes. They are also good at video games, golf, ping-pong and football.

minions playing

24. Internet, these days, is abuzz with the memes featuring minions.

minion meme

25. Minions are now official mascots for Illumination Entertainment.

minion mascot

26. Minions were redesigned in Despicable Me 2.

27. They have slightly crooked teeth in Despicable Me and aligned teeth in Despicable Me 2.


28. Stuart is the only minion to be identified in all 3 movies; Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and Minions retaining the same appearance under his name, Stuart.


29. Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Jerry, Tim, Mark and Phil are the only minions whose names were mentioned in the first film.

30. Director Pierre Coffin states that there are over 899 minions but over 10, 400 have been seen in the advertisements.


31. Given the varieties of height, build, hair and eyes, only 48 design combinations are possible. This is the reason why most of them look similar to each other.

32. Minions are the loyal and faithful henchmen. No wonder Gru always praises and shows his affection for them.

gru and minions

33. Gru is the only one who knows all the minions by their names.

gru minions

34. Minions were created to make Gru more likeable for audiences.

35. Purple and yellow are on opposite sides in color spectrum; hence the evil minions were made purple.

color spectrum

36. In Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, Gru has the Minionizer, ray gun that turns humans into minions.


37. In one of the short movie, Orientation Day, it is shown that minions are made from a single strand of mutated DNA.


38. In Minions, minions developed underwater from a single-celled yellow organism.

minions single cell

39. The art director of the Despicable Me movies, Eric Guillon created the minions.

Eric Guillon

40. Minions are invincible. They don’t die even if they get shot from cannon or swallow a missile.


41. Minions don’t have altitude problems. They travel via plane, sitting on the wings and tail of the plane.


42. You crack and shake a minion; he will then double as a glow stick.


43. Minion can survive in outer space without oxygen.

Bob minion

44. They find the words ‘bottom’ and ‘butt’ and anything related to them insanely funny.

minion butt

45. One-eyed minion are always of average height or short but never tall.


46. Minions were originally supposed be huge and orc-like but they ended up being small and cute.


47. Another supposed design for minions was human-like henchmen but that too didn’t happen as it was over budget.

48. Yellow-jacketed humans speaking foreign language in the secret lab at the beginning of Despicable Me 2 are tribute to human-like henchmen. Thank Goodness that didn’t happen.


49. The minions were inspired by the characters; the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Jawas of Star Wars.


50. They also might be inspired by the servbots from Megaman Legends since they both serve evil character and have same color scheme.


51. Minions have similar personalities as Raving Rabbids from the video game series, The Rabbids.

raving rabbids

52. If minions don’t have a master to serve, they go into depression.

sad minions

53. The sexual and reproductive part of minions is not revealed yet.


54. A minion blimp was flown around US as the promotion of Despicable Me 2.

minion blimp

55. McDonalds, Hasbro and General Mills gave license to minions.


56. Despicable Me 2 was first movie after Jurassic Park that McDonalds & General Mills joined marketing for a Universal Studios film.


57. Before the release of Despicable Me 2, Chiquita Banana created more than half a billion stickers featuring minions for their products.

chiquita banana minion stickers

58. Evil minions were created with mutagen PX-41 serum and they were meant to be indestructible.

serum minion

59. Evil minions were inspired by Looney Tunes cartoon where Tweety bird turns into a monster after drinking a potion.

Image source

60. Minions got their own movie that was released on July 10, 2015, obviously named Minions.


61. The Minion movie shows the journey of these yellow fellows from their single-celled state to present nefarious state as Gru’s henchmen.

nefarious minions

62. Queen Elizabeth knights Kevin as shown in Minions movie; hence he is called Sir Kevin. He is the only knight-minion or minion-knight.

knight kevin

63. Bob ruled England for 8 hours as King Bob. He might be the second person after King Arthur to wield Excalibur.

king bob

64. Tic Tac USA produced the limited edition of ‘Tic Tac Minions’ before the release of the Minions on July 2015.


65. There is a mobile game featuring minions called Minion Rush.

Image source

66. Bob is the shortest minion.


67. Both Dave and Stuart had crushes on Lucy Wilde.


68. Dave, Jerry and Carl are the minions featured in Minion Rush.


69. Steve is the first minion to be seen naked. He removes his overalls and gets into the water at the beach after the abduction.


70. Minions are dressed as the singers in the video of original Y.M.C.A song.


71. The average height of minion is 105 cm.


72. Bob suffers from heterochromia iridum, hence has eyes of two different colors, green and brown.


73. The most-viewed Minions video on the web is a ‘Best of the Minions’ with more than 86.5 million views.


74. Minions are featured in 7 short films so far: Minion Mayhem, Orientation Day, Home Makeover, Training Wheels, Puppy, Panic in the mailroom & Cro Minions.


75. Despicable Me 2 and Minions were nominated for Oscars.


76. Minions have their versions of ‘I swear’, ‘YMCA’, ‘Copacabana’ & ‘Barbara Ann’ and now fans have made minion cover of ‘All about that bass’, ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Let it go’.

minion-allabout that bass

77. Spinoff merchandise is profitable industry for minions. You can own Fart Blaster Gun and Goggles.


78. The film Minions takes place in 1968, 42 years B.G. (Before Gru). If 42 years is added to 1968, it is 2010, the year when minions made their debut in Despicable Me.

minions 42 yrs BG

79. The British Royal Crown worn by Bob when he was kind in Minions is seen in Despicable Me when minions fundraise to help Gru’s plan to steal the moon.


80. You can see famous paintings like Vinci’s ‘Monalisa’ and Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ in the girls’ bedroom supposedly stolen by Gru.

van gogh's starry night

81. The three main minions were specifically designed to resemble Gru’s daughters: Margo, Edith & Agnes.

margo edith agnes

82. The cell phone number of Lucy in Despicable Me 2 is an actual cell phone number.

lucy's-cell no.

83. During the Villian Con at Orlando, Dr.Nefario is seen at his stall with his invention, the freeze ray gun. He is showing it to young Gru and his mother.


84. Dr.Nefario really loves that beach. He has photo pinned up in his workstation of him on the beach. He keeps all the kidnapped minions at the beach after abducting them.


85. Minions love singing and dancing. At times, they perform choir and cheerleading.


86. Minions possessed an ancient telephone when they isolated themselves in a cave in Antarctica.


87. When Gru enters the ‘Bank of Evil’ you can see subtitle ‘Formerly Lehman Brothers’ over the door.


88. The storybook ‘Sleepy Kittens’ that Gru reads to the girls was released and sold well.


89. Orlando Villain Con has a lot in common with San Diego Comic Con.


90. Kristen Wigg voiced Miss Hattie in Despicable Me and Lucy in Despicable Me 2.

kristen wiig minions
Image source

91. The name Gruis taken from Russian Military Intelligence agency GRU that stands for Glavnoye Razzvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye. It is largest Russian Intelligence agency, six times larger than SVR (former KGB).


92. Minions don’t like when things are not sure.

lance minion

93. Minions also don’t like their questions left unanswered.


94. Evil minions are immune to flame thrown, guns, axes, police cars and even bombs.

evil minion

95. Even the evil minions love bananas.

Image source

96. There are two minions named Kevin.

Kevin minions

97. There are two Bobs.

Bob minions

98. Tom and Phil both are dressed as maids.

Tom & Phil

99. Minions were ended up being small to show that Gru is surrounded with incompetence.


100. They have existed since the beginning of time.

minions before time

101. There is a toy minion sitting in a junk drawer in the movie ‘The Lorax’.

minion in lorax
Image source

102. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride in Universal Studio features all new & exclusive animated sequences featuring the original voices of the characters.

minion mayhem ride
Image Source

103. Gru has Dave and Stuart on his speed dial.

gru speed dial

104. Minions served female villain Scarlet Overkill before Gru.

scarlet overkill

105. Minions are considered as the scene-stealers of Despicable Me.


106. Minions enjoy fine arts. Minions love spitting, frog legs, bunnies and building things.

minion art

107. Like most of the species, minions originated form the water.

minions origin

108. Kevin, Bob & Stuart are the main minions in the Minions film.

bob kevin stuart

109. Auditions for the movie Minions were held during the end credits of Despicable Me 2.

minions audition

110. There is an app that translates minions dialog.

minionese translating app

111. Mark is also called as ‘Mom Minion’ as he is often seen dressed as mom.

mark phil tim minions

112. Kevin manages the wireless network at Gru’s home.

lost connection minion

113. The Minions film has the settings of New York City and Mod London.

minions newyorkcity

114. Sandra Bullock wore minion inspired heels for the premiere of the Minion film.

Image source

115. Minions is the longest Despicable Me movie till date with a runtime of 1 hr 44 mins.


116. Titan Comics published a series of comics and graphic novels based on minions on June 17, 2015.

minions comic
Image source

117. Minions are singing minionese version of Irish drinking song during their Ice-cream Party.

minions icecream party

118. The DJ Booth of DJ minion is labeled Gru Ray Disc.

DJ minion

119. The behavior of an evil minion matches to that of Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

evil minion

120. A scene where a row of minions are sitting and eating lunch together on a girder is a replica of the famous photograph ‘Lunch Atop a Skyscraper’.

minions lunch

121. Evil minions swarm over a wall just like zombies do in World War Z.

minions and zombies

122. Minions are naughty. During ice-cream party minions are spotted pole dancing and spanking.

minions pole dancing

123. Giles Deacon Dress is one of the expensive minion merchandise costing £1,575.

Giles Deacon minion dress
Image source

124. The minions cannot be tortured due to their unusual shapes and abilities.


125. Universal has confirmed release of Despicable Me 3 for 2017.

Image source

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