25 Delish Minion Food Ideas: Minion Frenzy in Kitchen

The Minion Mayhem continues in our kitchens. Minions have become a medium to showcase our creativity in culinary arts. We have skimmed the net and mustered some of the most creative and adorable Minion Food Ideas. Bring out the chef inside you and enjoy these minions anytime you like (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, dessert) and they are great for the parties. If you have little minions, sure they will be delighted.

These minion food ideas will make anyone happy. Here, take a look!

  1. Minions Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are not always enjoyed by kids but they might just enjoy these Minions Stuffed Peppers.

Minion Food Ideas


2. Minion Apple Cake

Get your 2 favorites in one. How cute are these Minion Apple Cake?

Minion Food Ideas


3. Minion Ice Cream Cones

Look at these Minion Ice Cream Cones, chill with minions this summer.

Minion Food Ideas


4. Minion Icecream Sandwiches

These Minion Icecream Sandwiches are perfect dessert for the minion fans.

Minion Food Ideas


5. Minion Pretzel Rods

Have some fun time with your kids in kitchen, make these Minion Pretzel Rods.

Minion Food Ideas


6. Minion Sandwich

Here is easy anytime Minion Sandwich.

Minion Food Ideas


7. Minion Marshmallows

Kids are gonna love these Minion Marshmallows.

Minion Food Ideas


8. Evil Minion Slushies

This is the best combination, Evil Minion Slushies.

Minion Food Ideas


9. Mini Minions

These Mini Minions are perfect replica of minions and they are edible.

Minion Food Ideas


10. Minions Candy Spoons

If you are thinking of party treats, then these Minions Candy Spoons may be perfect choice.

Minion Food Ideas


11. Minion Cookies

Turn Milano Cookies into adorable Minion Cookies.

Minion Food Ideas


12. Minions Pretzels

Planning a movie night? These Minions Pretzels are perfect movie snacks.

Minion Food Ideas


13. Mini Minion Moon Pies

These cute Mini Minion Moon Pies are surely kids delights.

Minion Food Ideas


14. Despicable Breakfast

Taking pancakes and eggs to next level, this breakfast is really despicable. 😛

Minion Food Ideas


15. Minion Bento Lunch

Pack your kids this Minion Bento Lunch and be a super parent.

Minion Food Ideas


16. Minion Banana Pudding Trifle

This Banana Pudding is perfect for minion-themed parties.

Minion Food Ideas


17. Minion Sugar Cookies

Of course, these Minion Sugar Cookies will melt in your mouth and satisfy your sweettooth.

Minion Food Ideas


18. Minion Banana Macarons

Minions love bananas, why not make these pretty Banana Macarons for everyone?

Minion Food Ideas

19. Minion Swiss Roll

These Minion Swiss Rolls are really creative and perfect dessert for minion lovers.

Minion Food Ideas


20. Minion Pancakes

These minion shaped Pancakes will make mornings good.

Minion Food Ideas


21. Minion Snack Mix

Bring your little minions in the kitchen and make this easy Minion Snack Mix.


Minion Food Ideas


22. Minion Cupcakes from Twinkies

Make your own team of minions with these Cupcakes from Twinkies.

Minion Food Ideas


23. Minion Cupcakes

This time no twinkies, just Cupcakes, Minion Cupcakes.

Minion Food Ideas


24. Minion Cheese Sandwich

Who doesn’t love Cheese Sandwich? That too, Minion Cheese Sandwich!

Minion Food Ideas


25. No Churn Minion Ice Cream

Let us end this delicious list with No Churn Minion Ice Cream!

Minion Food Ideas

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