21 Striking Minion Crochet Designs

Minions are everywhere and everyone loves them. Any version of minion is so damn cute and adorable, be it paper minions, or the recycled can/jar minion or cheese minion. Crocheted minions are also no less than cute. Nowadays lots of minion crochet projects are getting popular on Internet. After craft, party and food ideas, we have chosen striking minion crochet designs for you.

Who wouldn’t love to have their own minions? Check our collection and start making your own minions in the version you like.


25 Delish Minion Food Ideas: Minion Frenzy in Kitchen

The Minion Mayhem continues in our kitchens. Minions have become a medium to showcase our creativity in culinary arts. We have skimmed the net and mustered some of the most creative and adorable Minion Food Ideas. Bring out the chef inside you and enjoy these minions anytime you like (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, dessert) and they are great for the parties. If you have little minions, sure they will be delighted.

These minion food ideas will make anyone happy. Here, take a look!


21 Cool DIY Minion Party Ideas

We just can’t get enough of these henchmen, can we? Let alone kids, even adults find minions amazing. So, why not make your parties memorable and your kids & guests happy with mind-blowing minion-inspired ideas? If you are already trying to plan such parties, don’t worry; we have made a collection of awesome DIY Minion Party Ideas.

These party ideas are not just affordable, but also fun, creative and you can involve your kids while prep’ing the crafts.


21 Awesome DIY minion craft ideas

DIY Projects are in fashion. There are thousands of DIY projects related to decorations, dresses, crafts, etc. Despicable Me stars, Minions have become popular model for the DIY craft projects. And the truth is we can never get enough of these cute fellows. These DIY Minions projects are not just fun but also you can recycle old junks; and they are easy and cheap. Not just kids adore minions but adults who still have little kids inside them. There are many DIY minion craft ideas and we have chosen the best ones for you.

Here are 21 awesome DIY Minions Craft Ideas for creative minds and crafty hands: