21 Awesome DIY minion craft ideas

DIY Projects are in fashion. There are thousands of DIY projects related to decorations, dresses, crafts, etc. Despicable Me stars, Minions have become popular model for the DIY craft projects. And the truth is we can never get enough of these cute fellows. These DIY Minions projects are not just fun but also you can recycle old junks; and they are easy and cheap. Not just kids adore minions but adults who still have little kids inside them. There are many DIY minion craft ideas and we have chosen the best ones for you.

Here are 21 awesome DIY Minions Craft Ideas for creative minds and crafty hands:

1. Minion Penholder

Revamp the empty milk powder tin into beautiful penholder.

DIY minion craft ideas penholder


2. Minion Favor Jar

Make your guests happy by gifting them these cute Favor Jar.

DIY minion craft ideas Favor Jar


3. Minion Money Box

Turn boring mason jar into cool Money Box.

DIY minion craft ideas Money Box


4. Minion Bookmark

Decorate your book with these cute bookmarks. You can also gift them to your friends.

DIY minion craft ideas Bookmark


5. Minion Planter

Don’t throw away an empty peanut butter jar, recycle it into a charming planter.

DIY minion craft ideas Planter


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6. Minion Clothespin

Make your Clothespins more interesting, go ahead minionize them.

DIY minion craft ideas Clothespin


7. Minion Toilet Roll Craft

Make your minions out of toilet rolls.

DIY minion craft ideas toilet roll


8.  Minion Gift Bags

Refurbish the normal gift bags into yellow and purple minions gift bags.

DIY minion craft ideas gift bags

9. Plastic Bottle Minion

Recycle your soda bottles and turn them into minions.

DIY minion craft ideas soda bottle


10. Minion Weebles

Collect the kindersurprise egg capsules and create the team of Minions Weebles.

DIY minion craft ideas weeble


11. Minion Pencil Topper

This is how you can make your kids do their homework, make them these cute minion pencil toppers.

DIY minion craft ideas pencil topper


12. Minion Corner Bookmarks

These Minion Corner Bookmarks are way cooler than the normal bookmarks.

DIY minion craft ideas bookmarks


13. Minion Phone Case

Protect your cell phone, make these adorable minion crochet Phone Case.

DIY minion craft ideas Phone case


14. Minion Lanterns

These lanterns are the best reason to not to throw away empty milk cartons.

DIY minion craft ideas lanterns


15. Minion Bowling Pins

Give your kids a bowling experience with these cool Minion Bowling Pins.

DIY minion craft ideas bowling pins


16. Minion Finger Puppets

Have some fun with these cute Minion Finger Puppets.

DIY minion craft ideas finger puppets


17. Minion Stick Puppets

Recycle your cereal boxes and turn them into Minion Stick Puppets.

DIY minion craft ideas stick puppets


18. Minion Wall Art

Decorate your wall with these beautiful Felt Minions.

DIY minion craft ideas Wall art


19. Minion Hat

Isn’t this Minion Hat cool?

DIY minion craft ideas minion hat


20. Popsicle Sticks Minions

Popsicle sticks are not just for popsicles, make your minions out of them.

DIY minion craft ideas popsicle sticks


21. Minion Stones

You will not be able to stop yourself from collecting stones after checking these Minions Stones.

DIY minion craft ideas stones minions

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  • These are the perfect crafts my son would love to have in his room. Though it would be better if you state the procedure in making one. Gotto try to find it on my one, thanks for the ideas anyway!

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